Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Marvin's Corner

It's been months since I last blog. That was end of EPL season 05/06. Worldcup came and go... Formula One GP already in its mid season, new EPL seasons started mid last month.... how time flies.

So much has happened along way, some worth blogging about (blog material) and some not so. My birthday came and go.. with good and bad memories...
I suppose I'll blog more on this subject later but right now, to me, it's a big step towards my blogging activity to be posting this. Unlike others who can fire away on their keyboard, coming up with great fantastic stories and ideas keeping viewers glue on... for me blogging has been a very luxury activity because words doesn't come easy to me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Last Friday, for the sake of getting together, 3 of my colleagues and I had a short gathering at 1957 in Sri Hartamas, the same area that I had a short meeting 3 hours earlier. We gathered at the office, went in one of the guy’s car. Took our dinner nearby.
1957 as my friend mentioned, is a great place to hang out due to the relaxing environment. One to add too, it had a great view of the Hartamas Fire Dept which is located directly opposite the road to 1957. From the 2nd floor, one can really get a very good view of the place. Ordered a pitcher, played a few rounds of billiard. The place was indeed quiet as what my friend mentioned. Without the ‘f’ attraction, we decided to hit elsewhere. Finished the pitcher, we then move on to Bangsar area.
The road side parking there cost RM10 per lot. Very expensive and the guys who manned them didn’t seem professional at all. But still, RM10 we paid. Don’t wanna mess up with these guys though. You don’t know what they can do to your car.

We took a stroll along the street, up and down the street before we end up at the Illusion Bar, opposite the Modestos Bar. Ordered a pitcher. Sit there for about 2 hours before we decided to call it a day. I guess the ‘excitement’ factor just wasn’t there partly because we’re no longer the teenagers we used to be plus nothing much to look forward too. But the beer session was good though. Haven’t had a decent beer session outing with the guys since the last assignment in Bangkok, which was about 8 to 9 months ago.

This shot was taken in front of the Bar. We had the best seats that time. I guess that was because we were quite early there.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Initial Startup of Marvin's Corner

Hi Reader,
This is my 1st post and also will mark my first blog-ticle. In conjunction to the new lunar Chinese calendar, (The Year of Rooster), I hope and will post as many article as often as possible, be it news that touches my personal life as well as to those around me. Will try and add any valuable information that I can which I think should decorate my Blog corner.

I will come back again soon. Thanks.

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